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What Is A Ginger Shot?

A ginger shot is a concentrated dose of ginger. It's most commonly made by taking the ginger root and pressing it to release the juice inside. That ginger juice is responsible for all of the magic - it's full of bio-active polyphenols. Bio-active means that it's friendly and helpful to the various processes going on in your body. Polyphenols are natural, organic micronutrients that are nourishing and helpful to your body in a number of ways.


We make Ginger Time with fresh, organic ginger roots that we carefully press. We then add other organic ingredients like organic lemon juice and organic honey to make it delicious and powerful. Stay tuned for more posts on how to make ginger shots. Keep Ginger Time in mind when you want a convenient ginger shot without all of the hassle of making one yourself. Plus, Ginger Time has B vitamins!


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