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Everyone's heard of a "superfood." Well, ginger is a "super root."

We love ginger, which is why we created Ginger Time - a delicious, convenient, and powerful ginger shot that can be kept at room temperature or chilled.


Whenever the time is right for you - in the morning, on a plane, before a workout, after a meal - Ginger Time provides you with the highest quality ingredients when you need them most.

SIMPLE, PURE Ingredients

  • Organic Ginger Juice

  • Organic Lemon Juice

  • Organic Honey

  • B Vitamins

  • Natural Flavors

  • No Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, and No Artificial Colors


How is Ginger Time Different from Ginger Ale?

Ginger Time contains real ginger juice. Ginger ales only have "ginger essence" or "ginger flavoring."

Ginger Time also has 85% less sugar than ginger ale or ginger beer.

To top it all off, Ginger Time has no carbonation so it won't leave you feeling bloated.

Is Ginger Time an Energy Drink?


Ginger Time has no caffeine. That means you can enjoy it at any time of the day and not worry about it interrupting your sleep.

Does Ginger Time Contain Alcohol?


Ginger Time is non-alcoholic.

How Many Can I Drink in One Day?

We recommend not exceeding 4 bottles per day. Pregnant women should not exceed 1 bottle per day. Safety is our top priority, so always consult your primary care physician when you have questions about drinking Ginger Time.

Where is Ginger Time Made?

Ginger Time is bottled in the USA in an FDA-registered and certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility. See more about the strict requirements for GMP certification here.

Is Ginger Time Safe During Pregnancy?

Ginger has been studied extensively and used safely during pregnancy. We always put safety first so we recommend speaking to your physician before trying Ginger Time.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Ginger Time?

No need for refrigeration. Ginger Time is produced using a method called "hot filling." Hot filling is a process of choice for many juices and beverages because it eliminates the need to use preservatives and chemicals while maintaining the highest level of shelf life and nutritional properties for the beverage. Our bottles are also specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. Once opened, refrigerate and drink within 3 days.